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Wine business in Japan since 2002

Exclusively devoted to the Wine business in Japan since 2002.

Established in Japan, Le Vin Nature Asia has been exporting superior wine to Asia since 2002. Our selection criteria are exclusively based on the sole wine quality, i e what is inside the bottle and not the bottle external appearance. Our selected winemakers grow their own organic grapes, devoid of any chemical inputs, pesticides, etc. And, of course, they never use any chemicals to make their wines.

For the Asian market, Le Vin Nature Asia’s offer starts with a preliminary selection of more than 30 French winemakers, some of them having more than 10 years of successful presence in Asia : Most of them are well known to wine connoisseurs in France, Japan, and in Korea as well. Based on our own experience of the Asian market, we do believe this preliminary selection of high quality wines from various regions in France will be a perfect match to the Korean Market, not to mention the other ones. We also provide consulting service for special requests from our customers, and our logistic platform can meet small orders and services consolidation invoicing set under very reasonable conditions.

Sélection, conseil, regroupement, importation directe, distribution de vins et spiritueux bio ou respectueux de leur environnement (Labels Demeter, AB, Ecocert… ou sans label sur bonne foi) Information, consulting, représentation…

Nous faisons la promotion au Japon et en Corée des vignobles et viticulteurs bannissants toute chimie et autre aberration pétrochimique, et étant responsable de leur environnement, tout en faisant de bons vins bien sûr.

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