At Lagarette, we support sprouts

Nothing is more respectable than an old wine stock. After forty, fifty, even seventy and more years, it can still sire an superb progeny. One advantage of the wine stock on human beings is its root system through which it can regenerate nearly on its own.

Do you know about sprouts? Sprouts are the twigs that grow from the foot of the stock and are usually primed in spring. But in certain cases, it is strongly advised to keep one of them to help organize the rejuvenation of the wine stock, as its root system is of capital importance. Such is the choice we made to guarantee the best quality fruit. To find sustenance, the plant has to dig deep in the ground, which may take a few years, sometimes a few decades. Why not take advantage of what we have? Why root out an old stock when, through its best sprout, you can duplicate it.

This coppicing process, though unscientific to some ‘académistes’, allows a good rejuvenation of the plant. Some even say that the lots rejuvenated this way are less sensitive to wood illnesses – mostly fragile stocks like cabernet-sauvignon and sauvignon. Yet, to do it proper, you must keep a sharp eye, select the good sprout, give it space, treat it when it is strong enough to take suit, offering a new youth to the old stock through its root system. This is how you preserve the typicality of a unique wine.

Posted 10 December 05, early afternoon by olivier

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