From one certification to another

At Lagarette, we strive after certifications to bring our products to light and have their qualities recognized. But what kind of certifications are we after?
First of all, the Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC), the official French designation which certifies the area a wine comes from, the method used to make it and the grapes entering its composition. Is it a « certification »? Yes, when you consider it as a quality guarantee: it means that the wine has been assessed by our peers, among which the representatives of the AOC committee, the INAO – the French institute concerned – and some “scientific” input from registered oenologists. Still, the AOC only confirms the product compliance with the rules of the AOC.
The second type of certification we strive for is « ECOCERT ». In a nutshell, ECOCERT is a resources certification that deals with all the ingredients and resources we use to produce our grapes. ECOCERT, which grants the organic food standard AB (Agriculture Biologique), is concerned with verifying documents proving we do not use any phytosanitary products that would be in contradiction with our chosen option of growing organic wines.
Then comes a third one, a sort of process certification which, beyond product and resources, tracks the processes we implement to make our wines. This certification, the North American NOPS, signs the “super organic products”.
And last, we decided to be recognized and certified by “BIO Suisse”, a standard that covers not only the product, the resources and the processes, but also the biodiversity, meaning the environment that surrounds all the processes we used and conditions the quality of our plants.
Although we have been doing this for a while, this ‘certification hunt’ remains a pleasure: we strive for qualifying our product as a guarantee and a reassurance to our clients and partners that we make all the necessary efforts to deliver a priceless wine, based on hundreds of years of know-how.

Posted 10 December 05, early afternoon by olivier

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