Lagarette and biodiversity

We, at Lagarette, have made a choice: before saving the planet (a paramount objective) we first have to change the way we interfere with it by preserving life and rethinking our interventions when those, directly or not, impact on vegetal life forms. Indeed, the recent conclusions from biodiversity events have a nightmarish streak in them: unless we take specific actions, the amount of species, varieties and life forms that would disappear within the next few years is appalling. Still, multiplying the number of observatories and increasing our scientific knowledge base will not prove enough to change our usual ways. In our everyday life as wine growers, we believe it critical to let people know how we also work to protect biodiversity. ‘Such an old tune’ some would say: change the individual behaviors and the social aspects will follow! We know it won’t be enough. But we know just as well that any change in these social aspects depends on individual actions.
So, what is this all about? To us, preserving biodiversity means, of course, protecting not only the wine stock itself from any stress and/or phytosanitary attacks, but also the environing plants, those which – a topic we already discussed and described – maintain with it a neighboring dialogue and, in some cases, protect it through such exchanges. Preservation also means protecting the fauna – some insects, earthworms and other small-sized “agro-contributors” – from phytosanitary products. It concerns the hedges too, those critical shelters where animals breed, and stone walls and wetlands which we also have to protect as they contribute to life and biodiversity.
Those simple actions stand among our daily initiatives and we feel they must be advertised so that all the connoisseurs who appreciate the full-bodied quality and flavors of Lagarette’s wines know that we grow our grapes in an environment that not only respects life but also preserves it.

Posted 10 December 05, early afternoon by olivier

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