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Writing about beer in a wine blog? Scandalous! Maybe, but wait and read on. We went to the UK for Christmas, in Yorkshire, country of the Bronte sisters. One evening, I was invited to step in a local pub. The last time I went to England and had beer in a pub was exactly 25 years ago. I forgot in the meantime how local beer can taste so incredibly good. The antithesis of all the Kirin, Asahi Super Dry and the other pathetically boring fizzy brew of industrial productions. The beer we had – Taylor’s Landlord – can’t be sold in Japan. Like other beers in the UK, it is served warm and contains almost no fizz. Two major flaws for Japanese taste bugs that need the freeze and fizz burst. The local brew tastes of herbs and of the wet stones of the Keighley district – maybe I am imaginating all this but so what? There was a fragrance in the beer and the air that reminded me of … Awamori! What the hell did the Okinawa rice drink kept popping up in my olfactory sensations at such a distance from Japan? By the way, the Chanel Allure Sport eau de toilette I bought in the plane is also reminiscent of Awamori too. Hallucinatory smells. The pub was warm and cosy. Soft thick carpets and all the local people talking around in the dim light. As with wine, drinking beer is about conversation, just like blogging. Still time to wish you a Happy New Year.

Posted 10 January 05, evening time by lionel

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